Strategy & Consulting

We can sit down with you and analyze what problems you currently have and the potential solutions we could provide. We can also help you determine if one of our existing products is the correct fit or if you need a more customized solution.

Data and Document Processing

We have processed too many lines of data and documents to count... If you need your documents imaged, organized and accessible easily, we can be of help. We already have software that can help you organize, store and access your documents and data with ease.

Custom Industry Tools

We have created software to allow you to access your data in a variety of new ways. Energy companies don't just need to know what data they have. They also need to know WHERE it is. With priprietary geospatial models, we have been successful in showing our clients the "WHERE" of their data like never before.

Maps and Geospatial Data

We cut our teeth on maps... Geospatial data is one of the most important aspects of the energy industry. We started with the maps and worked our way into the rest of the data. This means that when developing our systems, we paid special attention to how we spatially relate all the other data.

Custom Software

We can't think of everything. Over the years we have found that no shop is the same. Everyone does something a little different... and sometimes a lot different. In the case we don't already have the tool, we can create them custom for your needs or modify the existing ones to fit your model a bit better.

Competative Advantage

Our clients have gained many advantages by working with us, as well, us from them. We are constantly learning an not afraid to admit it... From our clients, their needs, our successes and failures and our constant drive to stay competative we are always going to be pushing the envelope. If you're not moving forward, you're falling behind. Come join us for the ride.

  • Local Extent, LLC is dedicated to help you achieve the most out of your data.

    We began to see a need in the energy industry for more comprehensive data organization and a strong need to represent it spatialy. By finding solutions utilizing geospatial technologies we have successfully implemented many systems that have enabled or enhanced our clients geospatial technologies. By doing so, we noticed that there was a significant need to represent other buisiness data on top of the geospatial component. Working closely with our clients, we have been able to increse our knowledge and understanding of what works and what does not. We have focused our efforts in facilitating the exchange and interpretation of data between land brokers and their clients. Our services range from digitizing and archiving your documents to full and complete enterprise database and geospatial database installation and maintenence.

    We have also had our share of processing data. In that time, we realized that the conversion of legacy data is imperative to the success of any new or changing process. Our clients rely on us extensively to help refine and convert some of their existing data. We have analyzed many different datasets of varying size and one huge part of our success is our ability to analyze our clients data and give them recomendations on how to get the most out of it.

  • How can we help you?

    Navigating how to implement current technology into your business can be a daunting task. We already have the difficult part figured out.... How it works! We have the ability to help you vertically integrate advanced solutions onto your own server or we can host them for you. Sometimes it doesnt make sense to purchase all the hardware and software for a full in-house implementation. We have servers and the ablity to host your company data with little overhead to you. A great solution for smaller companies that need enterprise level data services at a reasonable cost.

    We can also help you with your data processing needs. We have a team standing by to process any data you have. Some of our clients have our data processing services assisting them in their daily workflows. We maintain datasets for them and send them regular updates to import into their systems. Giving them the advantage of reliable, standard and normalized datasets to import into their existing systems.

Data organized for your efficiency...

  • Exploration Company with a low tech broker? Let us process and standardize their land data and deliver it to you in a variety of formats to help you integrate into your systems.
  • A landman looking for an edge? Take a look at the data products and tools we provide to get the leg up on your peers.
  • A Brokerage Company looking to take your data to the next level? We can help you analyze your current systems and recommend solutions. Check out some of our existing products or work with us on a custom fit.
  • You have bulk data that you need processed - We can see if our experienced staff or some of our automated tools can help you make the best sense of your valuable data.
  • Check with us today to see what other services we provide to help you succeed...
  • "Local Extent, LLC will make sure that you are given value for your dollar. If our clients don't speak highly of us, we won't be around long. "

    We want to help you solve your data problems quickly and efficiently

  • Going from spreadsheets to true multi-user functionality will drastically change where and how you can work. You no longer have to email everyone the latest version of your masterpeice.xlsx every week and they can always find the latest information.

    Reach out to us so we can help you

  • GIS is a critical component to any Energy Company, Land Broker or landmans' daily routine. If it's not, it needs to be. We can significantly cut the cost for a small company to integrate GIS into their daily operations.

    It's Simple. You can't run an efficient Energy Exploration operation without GIS.